Lehman’s provides a competitive benefit package to employees. Our HR Department is happy to provide specifics about the employee benefit program at any time during the recruitment and hiring process.


  • Breakfast with the Boss – Once a year, employees have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at a local restaurant with Lehman’s President and a small group of co-workers. . . and Lehman’s picks up the tab!
  • Holiday Pay – Full Time employees will be paid for six major holidays. Part Time and Provisory employees receive the same benefits provided they work during the holiday pay period. In addition, some employees (generally limited to employees who work in retail or customer-service related jobs) have the opportunity to receive Holiday Incentive Pay provided they are scheduled to work on a paid holiday.
  • Purchase Discount – Customers aren’t the only ones who love Lehman’s products. Employees do, too! All employees enjoy a generous employee purchase discount.
  • Company Events – Employees are invited to attend various parties and events hosted by Lehman’s if they are actively employed at the time of the event.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is subject to change without notice, and such revisions may supersede, modify or eliminate existing policies.