A Letter from our President

galenThank your for considering Lehman’s in your career search. We can offer you an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding future.

Over the years, many people have asked me what our secret of success is. We’ve been consistently profitable since the day we opened. We’ve grown year after year with rare exceptions. The Lehman’s culture of service means that people who work here are consistently helpful, caring, hardworking and happy. (In fact, employee satisfaction is so high, our Full Time employees rarely leave. They like it here, so they stay.)

So what is our secret of success? The answer is simple: I believe, as my father before me, that people should be treated with respect. Respecting others means putting yourself in their shoes. It means acting with concern for their needs rather than promoting a self-serving agenda.

I expect customers to be treated politely and with care. And, it seems obvious to me that I can’t expect the people who work here to treat others with respect and care unless they are treated the same way.

We like the Gold Rule practice of “Loving your neighbor as yourself.”  If you’ve been longing for a place to work where people value and make an effort to uphold that principle, then we hope to be able to welcome you to the Lehman’s family.

I know your time is valuable, and I’m thankful that you are considering us in your job search!

Galen Lehman